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Same SkyCast - World 4-1 [Into the Fold]
June 10, 2010 06:23 PM PDT
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-Co-Op! Mode!-
In this Co-Op episode, Josh from WiiFolder and myself discuss our hopes, dreams, and worries concerning Nintendo's showing at this year's E3. This one's been a couple of months waiting, as Josh and I have had a hard time scheduling a podcast together, but it was worth the effort. I loved recording this, I think we get along well, and we both want to do a post-E3 podcast as well, so stay tuned. I'm also trying to get JewWario in on the fun, so look out for that!

Later this month I'll be uploading my fighting game podcasts, and next month I think we'll try to tackle this whole "Games as Art" discussion, shall we?

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Same SkyCast - Review Capsule: Super Mario Galaxy 2
May 31, 2010 05:14 PM PDT
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-Review Capsule-
This episode is my review of Galaxy 2. I figured I'd do an audio review for kicks, trying to discuss a few things that haven't already been said about Galaxy 2 or its prequel. However, in my explaining the mechanics of the game, its design and presentation, and what separates it from the original, I probabaly only ended up saying things that have already been said about the game!

I guess it just goes to show how great a game it is when there are generally universal things to say about it! That said, I do try to point out some nitpicks that could improve the game.

Super Mario Galaxy 2 is, truly, an ideal single player video game. It is a smartly designed digital playground and obstacle course. It's a great example of less is more in game design, using very simplistic mechanics but exploring an impressive variety of ways to use them. I don't give very many games a perfect score, but Mario Galaxy 2 marries quality with quantity to produce a sequel that is on par with its predecessor and, in some subtle ways, even surpasses it. It may not take your breath away with surprise and originality like Mario Galaxy 1 did, but make no mistake: the sequel is up to snuff, not lacking in fresh gameplay ideas in the slighest. There are some individual levels in this game that have more imagination, polish, and ingenuity than many titles as a whole that are out there today. Don't hesitate to pick this one up -- it's just as good, if not better, than the original, making it one of the most high quality video games that I have ever played. Mario Galaxy 2 does have some minor nitpicks but they're like smecks of dust on a polished statue. It receives my highest recommendation.

Same Sky Cast - World B-6 [Only a Man]
May 23, 2010 08:54 AM PDT
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-Bonus Stage!-

On this special Bonus Stage I interview my first Game Developer: Alex Neuse of Gaijin Games, the lead designer on the Bit.Trip series. We discuss the origins of the series, why Runner is so different from the first three, and the metaphorical narrative that's being told about the human condition in their Bit.Trip games. Definitely a good listen if you want to think about how games can communicate ideas about life through their gameplay mechanics in the same ways that books and film can through their own presentation.

(Sorry for the extra silence at the end, don't know how that happened)

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Check out Gaijin's pages on the Bit.Trip Games!

Same Sky Cast - World B-5 [Did I Stutter?]
May 21, 2010 05:35 PM PDT
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-Bonus Stage!-

Time for another bonus stage episode. This time I'm joined by Stuttering Craig himself, the man who runs ScrewAttack.com. We seem to agree on a number of key things, like how people ought to treat each other, and how the gaming community ought to respect one another, but when it comes to our actual tastes in gaming, it seems that we're pretty different! The best part is that this makes for intriguing conversation.

Topics include (but are not limited to):
SGC, the origins of ScrewAttack, the breakup between Stuttering Craig and Handsome Tom, Wii Music, Street Fighter, and Taylor Swift. Enjoy!

There will be episodes coming up in regards to the fighting game genre in the weeks to come, and in just a few days, an interview with one of the developers of the Bit.Trip games!

Next month I'll be recording episodes on this whole "Games as Art" discussion, so please, if you want to participate, send me an e-mail, an audio recording, etc. to D3stiny.Sm4sher@gmail.com.

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Same SkyCast - World 3-1 [Pokepalooza]
May 04, 2010 10:02 PM PDT
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-Co-Op Mode!-

This month's discussion-based episode is all about Pokemon as I'm joined by guest Justin, aka JewWario. Unfortunately, due to an unfortunate event, my Single Player Mode recording was completely lost. But maybe that's not so bad, since Justin and I touch upon pretty much everything I discussed on my lonesome, and every game's better with two people, right?

Next month's episode is on the fighting game genre! Any thoughts, memories, anything at all. Want to discuss fighting games? Send me an e-mail at D3stiny.Sm4sher@gmail.com.

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Same Sky Cast - World B-4 [The Brental]
April 13, 2010 09:55 PM PDT
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-Bonus Stage!-

In this episode, I interview Brent Black, aka brentalfloss, the man behind "What If Video Game Music...Had Lyrics?" We discuss the origins of his work, his future plans, his process for producing his songs and videos, and go into some in-depth discussion on how we as human beings thrive in creating and observing art, how we express ourselves through our art, and the importance of parody in our society.

Suffice it to say, if you wrote off brentalfloss as a nincompoop, you'll be taken aback at what a deep-thinking individual he is. I have to say, it was a pleasure to discuss art with a man who clearly has a drive and purpose behind his own works.

My review of Brent's new album:

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Here's the 2-2 Blues song we reference:

Same SkyCast - World B-3 [Nathan Barnatt!]
April 03, 2010 09:36 PM PDT
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-Bonus Stage!-

This episode we've got the man, the myth, the legend...Nathan Barnatt. What? You don't know who he is? Maybe you know him better as Keith Apicary? From his acting career, to his tastes in gaming, to the origins of Keith Apicary and Trale Lewous, and beyond, we delve into the real-life person who plays all of these crazy characters. Turns out he's pretty awesome.

Stay tuned next episode when I interview Brent Black, known better as brentalfloss!

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Remember to e-mail me at D3stiny.Sm4sher@gmail.com if you'd like to record a podcast with me, or submit content for the next mega episode. April's episode will be about the Pokemon franchise. Whether you've played it, hate it, or are in love with it, share your thoughts!

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